(Untergang von L-19)

1916, Cast bronze, satirical medal, 57.4mm, 42.60g, Frankenhuis 1443.

Obverse: Zeppelin, partly submerged; sailors clinging to the balloon, raising their fists, threatening the trawler " King Stephen" who is disregarding them. Above, setting sun, marked "L-19".

Reverse: Eye of Providence in a triangle, over inscription, "Fluch den Britten zur See Fluch eurem schlechten Gewissen Hilfesuchende Schiffbruechige haben untergehen muessen" (Cursed be the Britons at sea, Cursed their bad conscience; shipwrecked people seeking help were left to sink). In exergue, pair of scales and date 2. 2. 1916. K G bisected by scales.


This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

  • 58mm Blackened Cast Iron
  • 58mm Cast Silver, Edge-punch "KGoeTz" SILBER


Depicting one of the most dramatic incidents of World War I. Zeppelin L 19 became disabled and fell on the sea' still floating. The British trawler' King Stephen' approached with a crew of nine men, all unarmed. They refused to take the twenty-eight or more survivors of L 19 on board fearing the Germans would overpower the nine men and take the trawler as a prize to Hamburg.