The Art



 Hello, and welcome to THE ART section of the museum site.

This section was created to discuss the entire gamut of work that Goetz created from his apprenticeship days up until his death in 1950.  Goetz created far more than just art medals.  We now have access to much of his early designs which enable us to open the window more widely in viewing his work during his ‘Paris Period’.  Goetz also created bijouterie items, jewelry, coin patterns, postage stamp designs, and wax signets (Petschafts).

This section will eventually allow us to better understand the wide array of works Goetz created over his life time.

We are sorry for the delay in placing content in this Section.  We will populate this section and sub-sections as time allows.  As with other Sections, we will initially populate the pages with Kienast text if deemed appropriate for the topic(s) at hand.

We hope to have a comprehensive study in place soon.