About Us


KarlGoetz.com is a non-profit ‘Museum’ web site conceptualized and brought to you from the High Desert Plains of Central Oregon.


Our founder has worked exclusively with Karl Goetz material and information for the past fifteen years and has established and maintained direct contact with Karl Goetz’ family in Munich.


Our Philosophy maintains that knowledge is power and this ‘power’ should be shared.   Thus, our primary intent is to share with all interested persons the most comprehensive information available regarding Karl Goetz and his works.


The KarlGoetz.com site will not be static but rather a dynamic site that is updated with new information and discoveries as it becomes available.  Additionally, karlgoetz.com has begun establishing an international museum communication network for information sharing activities.





Why KarlGoetz.com?  Without a doubt, Karl Goetz never intended his art to be hidden in the basement drawers of museums, numismatic organizations, or private collections, viewed only by an occasional, inquisitive eye.  We feel it’s time for a paradigm shift from this hidden exclusiveness to a more open inclusiveness made possible through use of the internet.


Embracing this new paradigm, we are proud and honored to share our collection and collective knowledge with the public via our KarlGoetz.com museum web site.




Our Mission

  • To provide cumulative knowledge to anyone interested in Karl Goetz, his art, or his creative process.


  • To present a more rounded personal and political view of Karl Goetz by weighing all the known facts.


  • To investigate, and eventually place, Goetz within the context of the comprehensive Munich art scene.


  • To outline the social, political, and economic arenas that influenced Goetz’ work throughout his career.


  • To initiate much needed iconographic studies