In the year 1935, Karl Goetz made the medal, K-510, depicting his own portrait on the obverse side, and the stations of his life on the re-verse. The medal was made to celebrate his 60th birthday. The stations of  his life are written around a nude man carrying the symbol of the artist's birthplace, Augsburg, on his right shoulder. Born on June 28th,1875, in Augsburg, Goetz attended the school of art in Augsburg, and continued his education in schools of art in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, and Düsseldorf from 1895 to 1897. He then went to Utrecht, in Holland,and later to Le Locle, during the years 1897 to 1899, spent 5 years in Paris, and in 1904 moved to Munich. He grew to love this ancient city and it became his home. One of the proudest moments of Goetz's life came when the city of Munich awarded him the right of a citizen. He lived there for forty six years, until his death on September 8, 1950.



K-156(a),  BRITISH INTRIGUES IN SWEDEN, was the last remaining medal where Goetz depicted himself.  Goetz can be seen on the reverse, at the top right, sketching the scene of Lord Balfour , in speech, pontificating about  the Lusitania medal.