World War I





(Amerikas Friedensziele)


1917, Cast bronze, satirical medal, 57.6mm, 66.76g, Frankenhuis 1466.


Obverse: Uncle Sam, in an armed merchant sailing vessel, trying to steer the ship from the stern while sitting backward to the bow. In border, "Friedensziele" (Objects of peace). K - G bisected by the sails.



Reverse: An Englishman, shipwrecked and drowning, is trying to catch a life-buoy marked,"Amerika". In border, "3. Februar 1917".



This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

58mm Blackened Cast Iron

58mm Cast Silver Rim-punched: KGoeTz SILBER



In response to the heightening of the crisis by receipt of a German submarine warfare note. Wilson submits a bill to arm merchant ships. The American ambassador is recalled from Germany.






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