World War I





(Europas Selbstmord)


1917, Cast bronze, satirical medallion, 84.9mm, 172.10g, Frankenhuis 1476.


Obverse:  Europa rides her bull, that has just kicked over two crowns, onto an army of German helmets and raised bayonets. In border, "Europa's Selbstmord" (Europe's suicide).


Reverse: An upright cannon, decorated with ram heads at its base, spews money into the waiting hands of a Japanese man while Wilson tries to divert his hand in order to catch more of the money in his star-studded top hat. K G to the left and right. In border: "Die lachenden Erben" (The laughing heirs). 1917 in exergue.





This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

85mm Blackened Cast Iron




Goetz is implying that while in Europe the powers are killing each other off, the beneficiaries of this giant struggle are America and Japan, as depicted on reverse cashing in on the deal.





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