World War I





(Brot - Friede mit der Ukraine)


1918, Blackened Cast Iron, Commemorative medal, 58.0mm, 52.50g, Frankenhuis 1478.


Obverse:  Bread-fruit tree (artocarpus); at the side, a sword in the ground. Stem and sword are bound together by ribbon, shone upon by a sun in splendor with human face smiling. Inscription, "Brot-Friedemit-der-Ukraine" (Bread-Peace-with-Ukraine).


Reverse: On a wheat-sheaf, an eagle looking back to a dove of peace holding an olive branch in its beak. In border, " 9.Februar 1918". K•G at bottom.





This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

58mm Cast Bronze



Commemorating the signing of the peace treaty between the Central Powers and the Ukraine.


This, and the three medals to follow, are given attributes as to what kind of treaty was signed. In case of Ukraine, Goetz calls it the 'Bread' treaty since the Ukraine is considered the corn and rye reservoir of Europe.





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