World War I





(Holländischer Schiffsraub)


1918, Cast Bronze, Satirical Medal, 57.8mm, 70.0g, Frankenhuis 1490.


Obverse:  Uncle Sam and John Bull walk together across a bulb field with windmill and along the Dutch seashore. Both carry a ship stolen from Holland; Uncle Sam carrying a sailing vessel under his arm, and John Bull with a lugger inscribed, "Hollandia". In right edge, •1918•


Reverse: Sailing vessels surrounded by cruisers, Inscription, "Not lehrt stehlen" (Necessity teaches stealing). "KG" on rim below left battle cruiser.




This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

58mm Cast Bronze



Goetz' response to the taking over, in March 1918, of Dutch ships by the United States.





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