World War I





(Fasching 1919)


1919, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 58.3mm, 68.20g.


Obverse:  The German eagle with a padlock on its beak and shedding tears is shown as a rock embedded in the ground. On his back; a May-pole with couples dancing around it to music supplied by four musicians; on the left, a crowd of agitators listens to a speaker; in the foreground, a reparation figure swings a hammer to destroy the Kaiser’s helmet. On the ground and in front of a board with "fourteen points", a Frenchman holds the eagle’s foot while an Englishman clips its talon (power). Inscription, "Fasching 1919".


Reverse: Devil’s head with serpents in place of horns; on either side, bombs entwined by serpents, symbolizing Bolshevism. Inscription reads “Die neue Gefahr im Ostem” (The New Danger in the East). On ribbon, “Bolshevism.”




This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

58mm Blackened Cast Iron




To show Goetz' sentiment that the German people had no reason to celebrate Carnival in 1919.





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