World War I







1918, Cast bronze, satirical medal, 59.2mm, 69.10g.


Obverse:  A German sailor kicks the Kaiser across the Dutch border marker, as indicated by tulip fields with windmills in the background, and points with his thumb to the Kaiser's own words, "Wer sich mir entgegenstellt, den zerschm ettere ich" (He who stands against me shall be smashed).  K • G in exergue


Reverse: A split oak tree stands in the middle, stripped of its leaves. Beyond tree, a castle collapses under the force of winds being propelled by two storm clouds wearing socialistic balloon caps. An archer, with drawn bow with arrow and wearing a balloon cap can be seen at the top. Dated, November 9, 1918.




This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

58mm Blackened Cast Iron




Goetz is lampooning the Kaiser's words that whomever would stand up to him would be smashed. The events of the Revolution on November 9, 1918 proved him wrong. Reverence for the Hohenzollern dynasty could not survive a hopeless defeat of the armed forces. Crew members of the battleship 'Kaiser' had mutinied and hoisted the red flag.


This is Goetz' first Kaiser Wilhelm satirical medal.





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