World War I



K- 291





1918, Cast bronze, Commemorative medal, 58.2mm, 64.70g, Frankenhuis 1480.


Obverse:  "Pazifismus" (Pacifism), Dated 1921. Germany, as a lamb crying, "Nie wieder Krieg" (Never again war), is about to be attacked by a savage wolf (France and Poland). K•G on right rim.


Reverse:  The German Michel gets a heavy kick from a Polish soldier from "ober Schlesien", Upper Silesia, while a French soldier, standing on the "Rhein", Rhine side, hits the Michel in the foot with his rifle. Rim inscription, "Friede - um jeden preis" (Peace at any price).

Satirizing the situation that every member of the victorious Entente was able to play havoc with Germany and its territories. Under the label "Pacifism" no defensive measures could be taken.

This piece is also known in the following compositions and size:


36mm Struck bronze
36mm Struck silver, rim-stamp BAYER.HAUPTMÜNZAMT.SILBER 900f



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