World War I


K- 295



(Bordell Verodnung an der Ruhr)


1923, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 61.3mm, 62.10g.


Obverse:  Strutting Gallic coq, left, wearing an assault helmet. In the left field, the République Française symbol on a rayed sun. Inscription, "Die Bordell Nation!" (The Brothel Nation!).


Reverse:  Factories with smokestacks, symbolizing the Ruhr industrial complex, spew smoke in the background while a French soldier manhandles a young German woman. Inscription on the column, "Bordell verordnung der 128 Französ division a.d. Ruhr" (Brothel decree of the 128 French Division on the Ruhr). A dachshund relieves itself on the column while looking up at the decree. Dated January 16, 1923. K•G at left rim.


Goetz created this medal after learning of the decree by the 128th French division to open brothels for French occupation troops in the Ruhr. He was livid as evidenced by his extremely vulgar portrayal of the Gallic coq, actually a thinly veiled erect penis and testicles. He further added a rather rude european hand gesture, the fica, by way of the coq's right foot to show the disrespect he felt the Germans were receiving from France based on the decree.





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