World War I





(Wie lange noch?)


1917, Cast Blackened Iron, Satirical medallion, 85.7mm, 147.50g, Frankenhuis 1472.


Obverse:  Death, wearing an English cap (England), showing an hourglass to a monkey (Japan) who withdraws terrified, behind head of the fallen giant (Russia), and feeling the giant's pulse who, by his weight, is crushing the other allies underneath; the mournful Marianne (France), King of Italy, Rumania's King Ferdinand, King Albert of Belgium, King Peter of Serbia , and Nikita of Montenegro. In border, "Wie lunge noch" (How long yet?).


Reverse:  English soldier, sitting down in the background, balances a salver with fragile statuettes representing neutral countries; a Spanish torreador, Chinese mandarin, Dutch woman with windmill, a group of Scandinavian seals, and a Swiss William Tell. The tray is decorated with the shields of Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Cuba, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, and Brazil with the American flag in the middle which has been torn by the fallen figurine of Pallas Athenes (Greece). In border, "Gut gebrüllt, Löwe! 1917" (Well roared Lion!)





This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

86mm Cast Bronze
86mm Cast Zinc



Goetz documents the common German belief that the Entente cannot fight much longer.





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