World War I






(Kulturträger -Die Verbündeten im Weltkrieg)


1914 Oval Cast Silver medal, 60.0mm x 90.50mm, 100.0g, Rim-punched, "KGœTz",  Frankenhuis 1418.


Obverse:  Busts of the Allies, arranged into a group with George V., Poincarè in the center embracing Czar Nicholas II, King George V, and a Turk, African, Zouave, and Japanese. In border, "KulturtragerVerbiindete im Weltkrieg 1914" (Bearers of culture Allies in world war).


Reverse:  "Zur Schande sei es laut gesagt, Zum Spotte- Er wird in Euch nagen, das Ihr die Wilden Horden jagt auf jene- die, Kultur nach fernsten Landen tragen" (For shame be it loudly said, For dishonor; You will know remorse that you have let loose the wild hordes on those who carry culture to the farthest countries). K-GOETZ at 6 o'clock.




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