World War I






(Brandstifter Kollegium - Der Lügenfeldzug der Entente)


1914 Oval cast bronze medal, 59.8mm x 90.0mm, 100.60g, Frankenhuis 1419.


Obverse:  Busts of four allied Prime Ministers; Delcassè, Sir Edward Grey, Iswolsky, Salandra, side by side. Minister Grey holds a portrait medallion decorated with the crowned bust of King Edward VII. In exergue, "Brandstifter Kollegium" (Incendiary Council).


Reverse:  Above the German army, of which only helmets are visible, a chariot driven by Heresy, personified, and inscribed, "Sieges Zug nach Berlin, Wien, Konstantinopel" (Victory procession to Berlin, Vienna, Constantinople). Heresy is blowing her horn with all her power while dispensing false doctrines which announce; "Deutschland am Hungertuch" (Germany on the edge of starvation), "Der Dom zu Rheims in Triimmer" (Rheims Cathedral in Ruins), "Der Barbaren Ende," (End of the Barbarians), In center, 1914. In border, "Der Liigenfeldzug des Vierverbands" (Campaign of lies about the Quadruple Alliance).




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