1916, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 58.1mm, 59.70g.

Obverse: Two fat profiteers push a van loaded with malt and other blackmarket goods down the street while the local police salute and hold back the starving crowd across the street. Several pigeons attack the scraps dropping from below the rear doors. 1916 in exergue.

Reverse: At the train station a hoarder with a large bag of contraband walks unchallenged through the gate while handing his ticket to the ticket-taker. At the same time, a policeman frantically searches an innocent woman's bags, one of which lies on the ground. K•G in exergue.


This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

  • 58mm Blackened Cast Iron


To castigate the doctrine that the small thieves are hanged and the big ones get away free.