World War I





(Landsturm Aufbietung)


1916, Cast bronze, Commemorative medal, 59.4mm, 79.70g.


Obverse:  Portraits of a very old soldier and a very young soldier, typical ages for those who still remained at home. KG in the right field.


Reverse: A girl sits crying under a Linden tree. Inscription: "Madel, Madel, / wink, wink, wink, / unter einer / grunen Lind / sitzt ein / kleiner Fink / Fink, Fink." (Girl, girl - wave, wave, wave, under the green Linden tree sits a small finch, finch, finch.) Date in exergue; 1916.



This medal commemorates the German Homeguard activation.

The obverse of this medal was MULED, reduced, and used by Goetz for the obverse of his 1916 K-247, Weihnacht im Feld medalet.




The German military was based upon the Swiss model whereby the army was divided into three categories:  The Auszug, the Landwehr, and the Landsturm.  The Auszug included all men fit for service between the ages of  twenty and thirty-two.  The Landwehr included men of the same category but after they had completed their initial Auszug service, and up to the age forty-four.  The Landsturm included all capable of serving between the ages of seventeen and fifty who did not belong to either the Auszug or Landwehr.





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