World War I





(Brest-Litowsk, Waffenstillstand)


1917, Cast bronze, Commemorative medal, 58.5mm, 73.40g, Frankenhuis 1470.


Obverse:  German and Austrian officers, in an automobile, presenting a pen to Russian cossacks for the purpose of signing the Peace Treaty of Brest Litowsk. Above, "22. Dezember 1917", and below, "Beginn d. Friedens Verhand-lung" (Commencement of Peace negotiations).


Reverse: Arms stacked over a small pine-tree with burning candles. In border, "Waffenstillstand im Osten" (Armistice in the east) and in the center, "17.-12.-1917". KG in exergue.





This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

58mm Blackened Cast Iron




To commemorate the beginning of peace talks in Brest-Litovsk. Emperor Wilhelm informs his government he contemplates going to Brest-Litovsk if agreement is reached. Man wearing fur cap, standing in automobile, is Leon Trotzky, the new Foreign Minister of the Soviets.





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