World War I





(Räte-Republik in Bayern)


1919, Cast Bronze, Satirical Medal, 59.0mm, 56.3g., Rim-punch, "KGœTz"


Obverse:  Caricatures of Leviné (worker), Toller (soldier), and Müsham (farmer) are shown as the council. Inscription, "Die Räte-Republik in Baiern" Dated 7-30-1919.


Reverse: Gustav Landauer dances with the Russian Lenin to the tune of the "Internationale". In the background, Munich's Tower of our Lady Church is connected to the Moscow Cathedral by cables. Inscription, "Los vom Reich" (Out of the Empire).




This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

58mm Blackened Cast Iron




Documenting the overthrow of the constitutional government under the leadership of Hoffmann and the installation of a revolutionary Central Council after the Russian bolshevik pattern.


For nearly 4 weeks in April 1919, the power in Germany was in the hands of a few extremists, some of whom were Russian Communists. Goetz shows on the obverse his interpretation of the typical representatives of the Bavarian Central Council of Worker and Soldier Councils. He misspells BAIERN (in the exergue) to show his disgust with this type of government.


On the reverse Gustav Landauer, a prominent member of the Soviet-Bavarian government and 'anarcho-socialist' is seen dancing for joy and kissing Lenin in the excitment that his ideals had come true.





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