World War I





(Weltlauschen - Wilsons Ankunft in Europa)


1919, Cast bronze, satirical medal, 58.8mm, 51.60g.


Obverse:  A giant ear attached to the globe of the world, absorbing the music of Wilson's 14 Points coming from an ethereal celloist in the stars. Inscription, "Weltlauschen" (World listening.)


Reverse: Europa on her kneeling bull, waves greetings to President Wilson upon his arrival in Europe aboard the George Washington. Banners waver along the bank, Inscription, "Wil-komm! Menschheitserretter!" (Welcome , Savior of Mankind.) Dated March 16, 1919.



To commemorate President Wilson's arrival in Europe on the George Washington on March 14, 1919. Wilson arrived in Paris shortly after noon and conferred with Premiers Lloyd George of England and Clemenceau of France.


Goetz mistakedly recorded this event with the wrong date. Wilson's arrival to Europe was actually on March 14, 1919.




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