World War I





(Woodrows Mausefalle, Seine Rückfahrt)


1919, Cast bronze, satirical medal, 58.2mm, 57.10g


Obverse:  A large mouse trap baited with Wilson's Fourteen Points. Inscription below, "Dep. 14. 10. 18. -Syst: Schufterle" (Telegram of Oct.14, 1918 - Systematic Roguery). K and G on bottom corners of mousetrap base.


Reverse: Wilson, with a wreath on his head and a contented smile on his face, sails for home in a bark boat. The Statue of Liberty is on the horizon. The inscription on the back of Wilson's seat reads, "Welt Imperialism unser ziel" (World Imperialism is our aim). Inscription in exergue, "In Seelenruh gondelt er der heimat zu" (In peace of mind he is sailing home). Dated June 28, 1919.



A complete turn-around by the artist from the previous medal, K-226, that praises Wilson as the "savior of mankind". Here Goetz realizes what has happened and accuses Wilson of tricking Germany into the Armistice.


A day before Wilson's departure the Versailles Treaty had been signed. Many of Wilson's 14 points were not incorporated into the Treaty. Parts of the Treaty were not satisfactory toWilson but he assented to them as the price for acceptance of his plan for a League of Nations. The Germans claimed that by the pre-armistice Pact of November 5, 1918, they were pledged negotiation of peace within the framework of Wilson's Fourteen Points. They felt they were subsequently betrayed by the Armistice terms and the final peace treaty.


Goetz , again, got the date wrong on this medal. Wilson actually set sail for home on June 29, 1919.




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