World War I


K- 297



(Rütlischwur in Essen)


1923, Cast bronze, Commemorative medal, 61.5mm, 71.90g.


Obverse:  Krupp Works factory workers surround a "swearing hand" elevated above them on a stick. With right arms raised, they take the oath of passive resistance as demanded by management. Even family members, wife with children on the left, a father beckoning son on the right, looked on. Inscription, "Der Rütli Schwur" (The Rütli Oath). "Essen" in exergue.


Reverse:  Inscription above, "Ostern A•D•Ruhr" (Easter at the Ruhr) Dated 1923. A dead Krupp worker lies on the ground; a marker with a French helmet on top and a wreath labeled, "14 Tote" (14 Dead). In the background the factories continue to work. K •G in exergue.


Based on the unfortunate incident regarding the loss of 13 lives in the Ruhr city of Essen after following orders to passively resist. 


On March 31, 1923 French troops try to enforce the delivery of automobiles from the Krupp works. The workmen, by order of their management, leave their working places and give no assistance. The troops open fire on them and as a result eleven dead workers lie on the ground of the factory yard. Two others die in the hospital later on. Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, as well as eight of his directors are brought before a French war tribunal and convicted to prison terms and money payments as mentioned under K-296.

Goetz incorrectly numbered the death count at 14 as seen on the reverse.
This piece is also known in the following composition and size:

36mm Struck bronze, rim-stamp BAYER.HAUPTMÜNZAMT
36mm Struck silver, rim-stamp BAYER.HAUPTMÜNZAMT.FEINSILBER






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