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K- 591




1941, Cast Bronze Commemorative Medallion, 95.7mm., 200.80g., Rim-punch, K•GœTz.


Obverse:  Uniformed Bust, front, with Knight’s Cross and inscription “Colonel Werner Mölders”


Reverse:  Triumphant eagle. Arrow above eagle with “115” to indicate the number of enemy shot down. The Knight’s Cross hangs down over exergue. Inscription reads, “ Died undefeated on November 22, 1941.” In exergue (in continuation to the figure 115 and arrow shown above eagle)”….14 of which (victories) in Spain in the fight against Boshevism.”


Commemorating his death on November 22, 1941. Mölders was one of the most successful fighter pilots at the beginning of the war with 115 shot down enemies to his credit. He did not die in an air battle but the plane in which he traveled as a passenger crashed within Germany. Mölders was the first German soldier during World War II to receive the highest award for bravery, the Knight’s Cross with Golden Oak Leaves and Diamonds (Das Ritterkreuz zum Eisernen Kreuz mit Eichenlaub, Schwertern und Brillianten.)





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