K- 499




1932, Struck Silver Commemorative Medal, 36.0mm., Rim-stamped, BAYER.HAUPTMÜNZAMT.FEINSILBER.


Obverse:  Hindenburg head, left, staion and name perimeter legend all within rimmed and pearled border. 


Reverse:   "Passing-away of the victor. Tannenberg."  Wreathed border.


Commemorating the death of the Reichs President on August 2,1934.


Tannenberg monument' built in 1927 under the Weimarer Republic auspices and dedicated by Hindenburg then; the Battle of Tannenberg founded the glory of Hindenburg as a military genius. After his death his and his wife's coffin were transferred to the monument for their last rest. In 1945 at the approach of Russian tanks the monument was blown up by German troops. The whereabouts of the Hindenburg coffins have not been detected to this day.





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