K- 570




1940, Struck Silver Commemorative Medal, 36mm.,  Rim-stamp, BAYER.HAUPTMÜNZAMT.SILBER 900f 


Obverse:  The royal family had to escape to England and set up a government-in-exile. The obverse depicts the escape and labels it "The fleeing dutchmen." (a play with words on the title of the Wagner opera "The flying dutchman.")


Reverse:   The armies surrendered on May 15, 1940.


The maintaining of strict neutrality did not save the Netherlands from invasion. 400,000 Dutch troops were not able to stop the German war machine when it crossed the border on May 10, 1940.


The entire center of the city of Rotterdam was destroyed by a bombing raid shortly after the surrender had been signed. Rotterdam also saw the first parachute troop landing of the history of World War II.






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