K- 587




1941, Cast Bronze Commemorative Medallion, 98.0mm.


Obverse:  In history's first victory of air-borne troops over superior land and sea forces, the paratroopers of the XI Airforce Corps took the island of Crete from British and Greek troops. May 20 to June 1, 1941.  Legend: DER EINSATZ AUF (The operation on). In field: KRETA (Crete). Exergue: 20.5.1941 (May 20th, 1941).


Reverse:  GERMAN AIR-BORNE TROOPS AT CRETE under the command of General Kurt Student.  Legend: Mit-JU 52-UNTER • GENERAL • STUDENT (With JU 52 under General Student). JU 52 was the German transport plane of the make Junkers.


On the occasion of the landing of German paratroopers on the island of Crete on May 20th, 1941 under the command of general Student.




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