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K- 590




1941, Struck Silver Commemorative Medal, 36mm., 19.2g  Rim-stamp, BAYFR.HAUPTMÜNZAMT ı SILBER 900f 


Obverse:  The chief general of the airforce ordnance. On the occasion of his suicide on November 17, 1941 out of despair over the development of the German airforce.


Reverse:  Goetz shows the two planes that Udet flew in the two separate wars. WWI he was flying the FOKKER DR.1 TRI-PLANE and then he tested and then tried to get the Luftwaffe to accept and use the Junkers JU-87 "Stuka" divebombers at the beginning of WWII.  "Fighterwing Richthofen."


Udet also was a famous flying ace of World War I and belonged to the Richthofen- Boelke, group of aviators. His special flying skill allowed him to fly in a small sports plane under the Spree bridges of Berlin,  he could also pick-up a handkerchief with the tip of his plane wing from the ground.




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