K- 631



(verses 16, 17, 18)


1945, Cast Bronze Medal, 70.0mm.


Obverse:  Patrona Bavariae with German eagle among the clouds with scrollof Revelations. verses 16.17. 18.  Inscription: DIE HEIMLICHE OFFENBARUNG JOHANNIS (The Hidden Book of Revelations). K•GOETZ at 3:00 edge.


Reverse:  Eye of God at top and trumpets blaring from the clouds on each side of a numerology board. 1945 bisected by exploding swastika.


This medal illustrates a type of prophetic biblical numerology that is popular among certain sects. The book of Revelations states that the anti-Christ can be detected by the figure 666 fitting his name. Assigning the number 100 for the letter A and numbering as shown against the letters forming the name HITLER give the sum of 666. Goetz claims "another prophecy received the power of proof with these figures." 1945.






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