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We find ourselves unable to list all the people who have answered our questions about medals, descriptions, medal collections and, of course, Karl Goetz over the last ten, almost eleven, years.  We hope we thanked them adequately at the time.  However, we must express our special gratitude to a few people who have given us continuing assistance and encouragement in the eventual completion of a project that threatened, at times, to assume impossible dimensions.  In strictly alphabetical order, then, our sincere thanks to Paul Bosco , Volker Breme, Annette Hossfeld, Harald Moeller, Jochen Pater, Steve Pellegrini, Karl Stephens, and finally to our dearest of friends, Ola Zaunders.


A special thank you goes out to Florian Goetz for his continued support and family information gathering and, of course, to Gunter W. Kienast for allowing us to take the reins of his initial works and carry the story of Karl Goetz into the 21st Century.