About Us






Before subjecting you to the nagging 'legalese' used to protect our intellectual property, we thought we might approach you in a more friendly manner first.



We have spent literally thousands of personal (yes, we have real jobs too) work hours acquiring, conserving, photographing, researching and writing about the Goetz material you see here.  It was all done using our own resources with no outside assistance or volunteer help of any kind.  We take great pride in our 'ownership' of this site and its content.  Nothing irks us more than to discover one of our images or descriptions somewhere on the internet...especially when it is used commercially for someone's personal gain, Ebay listings being the most prominent.  Suffice it to say, we aggressively protect our intellectual property in every manner possible.  This site and its contents are internationally copyrighted.  It will be newly copyrighted approximately every six months until the bulk of the known material is finally added to the site.  Please don't cross us.


If you can fight your way through our actual "TERMS AND LICENSING" documentation and our list of 'publications' you will see that we are quite liberal regarding use and licensing requests.  You just need to ASK.