We were frazzled.  After three years of reading “Build Your Own Web Site” books and purchasing several rather expensive web authoring programs to assist in development we finally had to admit defeat.  The attempts at creating our own web site were taking too long. The learning curve was steep, very steep.  We knew we had good ideas and also knew we needed something custom….we just couldn’t admit we didn’t have the needed skills and abilities to get the job done.  This was over two years ago.

We searched for a web site development company that was reliable, skilled, and honest.  Trust us, such companies are far and few between.  Eighteen months ago we found ContentShoppe and can safely say that they exhibited the three qualities we were looking for.

ContentShoppe was able to collaboratively incorporate our ‘minds-eye’ view into this custom site. Our design and functionality specifications were complex and extremely detailed including the need for a customized CMS capable of managing over several thousand pages.  Contentshoppe handled the assignments flawlessly.  They remained calm during our many change orders and were patient when we didn’t understand certain concepts or web site needs behind the scenes.

Thanks to Daman and his crew, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and your diligence.